Airshow program

Turku Airshow – June 17-18, 2023 is the main airshow event in Finland 2023. Airshow is organized by Turku Flying Club with support from Finnish Air Force.

Flying Display Program is published here: LINK

The annual main airshow is the biggest aviation event each year in Finland. Airshow is organized every year in different city / airport to cover the whole country. The main airshow returns now to Turku after four years. Previous shows were at Turku 2019 and 2015. Finland’s main annual airshow is also the main annual airshow for Finnish Air Force, Army Aviation and Border Guard. Therefore the airshow is organized with close co-operation with them.

The previous Turku Airshow was organized in 2019, Swedish Gripen, USAF C-17A, Finnish F/A-18 Hornet and CRJ900NG to name few participants.

Come and see! Saturday and Sunday June 17-18, 2023 gates are open 10:00 am to 6:00 pm (10:00-18:00 local time). Flight display program is very similar on both days, just small adjustments.

How to get to Turku and Turku Airshow and travellers info:


Note: from Stockholm ferry local bus line number 1 runs directly to airshow area via City Center.

Bus line 1 runs from City Center all day almost non-stop to Airport. From Railway station is some 400 meters to Bus Station and line 1 goes from City Center via Bus Station to Airport. Line 1 highly recommended.

Media/Press: More info here – airshowturku.fi/media-ja-spotterit/

Flying in with general aviation aircraft is not possible, due limited apron space due airshow.

Tickets are available on the entrance gates or before the event from Ticketmaster or advance sales locations.


Airshow and Display Director: Perttu Karivalo, mobile: +358-40-5431539

Confirmed aircraft / displays 12.6.2023

– Heavy Airlift Wing Hungary – C-17A – static display

– Swiss Air Force –  Hornet solo flying display

– Lithuanian AF  – AS365 Dauphin, Mi-8 and L-410 static display

– Belgian Air Force – F-16 solo flying Display

– RDAF – F-16 solo flying Display

– USAFE – 2 x F-35A static

– Swedish Air Force – Gripen solo flying display + static and HKP16 (UH-60M) solo and static

– Finnish Air Force – Hornet solo flying display + static

– Finnish Air Force – Midnight Hawks display team

– Finnish Air Force – BAE Hawk solo display + static

– Finnish Air Force – Grob 115 solo display + static

– Finnish Army Aviation – NH90 solo display + static

– Finnish Army Aviation – MD500 solo display + static

– Extra duo – Harri Kanto ja Sten Stockman – 2 x Extra duo display

– Woikoski Safirs – 5 x Saab Safir display team

– Border Guard – Air Patrol Squadron – H215 and AW119 static and H215 and DO228 flying display

– DC-association – DC-3 static, possible flying

– Luftwaffe – A319 Open Skies – static

– Latvian AF – Antonov An-2 – static

– Estonian AF – M28 Skytruck – static

– DH Vampire Trainer – Royal Norwegian Air Force Historic Squadron – solo display – aircraft is in Finnish Air Force Colours

– Christen Eagle II – Lasse Henriksson – solo display

– EMB Phenom – Finnish Aviation Academy – solo display

– Su-22M4 – Polish Air Force – static